Kimberly Wickland

Owner / Designer

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My passion is creating impactful visual store designs as well as distinctive living environments, while balancing casual elegance with a natural modern feel.

- Kimberly Wickland

From careers in visual merchandising and fashion, to interior design, making things beautiful has always been my passion.


Originally from Connecticut, I developed my love of all things design from my parents.  As a child I was always surrounded by art and home restoration, I think you could say good design is in my blood. I’ve have had the privilege of studying Interior Design, Marketing, and Business; as well as the opportunity to work with truly dynamic companies from coast-to-coast.

I have always believed that great design is truly about the collaboration process between the designer and the client.  My goal is to help clients transform their spaces, ultimately helping them to achieve the home and or business they have always envisioned.

Ten things I Love:

  1. Watching the waves roll in on the beaches of Connecticut

  2. Any moment I get to spend with my daughter

  3. Treasure hunting at Flea Markets

  4. Navy Blue & Gold

  5. The smell of sawdust (it always reminds me of my father’s workshop)

  6. White wine sangria with lots of fresh fruit

  7. Day dates with my husband

  8. Fresh flowers in my home (white lilies and orchids are my favorites)

  9. Coastal Living Magazine

  10. Lobster Rolls after a day of Kayaking